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update - Gabby
bre, my 16 year old cousin with a heap of health problems, almost died two weeks ago.  but she didn't.  so here i am, in birmingham, alabama, sitting in her living room...we leave at 330am for the airport.  we've been here for the weekend (mom and i) and it's been lovely.  i'm so grateful for the time i've gotten to spend with her and aunt chris...and even uncle jim.  such great people.  we've never been close to the extended family...it's a nice feeling.

sophomore year of college started off disappointing (it didn't feel as natural as last year) but it's turning out pretty good.  i've made a lot of new friends and stayed close to a few of the ones that really mattered to me from last year...i'm with david a lot, and i visit kel at her house because 1) i miss her and 2) she's going through a rough time and i want to be there for her.  alanna, steph, kim and i work well living together (even though kim's a mess) and i'm happy with our living situation.  although i didn't love dow as much initially this year, i've fallen back in love with it.

a student from my school died about a month ago and i hate thinking about it because it's so sad.  google dj henry if you want...hopefully, the cops who shot him will pay for taking his life...i can't imagine how his family must feel.  they are such beautiful people.  i almost went out that night, and i would have been there at that bar if my parents weren't there for homecoming...dj was so beautiful, so positive...i only knew him to give him the nod, he probably didn't even remember my name, so i feel for his teammates and close friends.  losing a member of a small school community like pace isn't easy, we're all so connected.  if you pray, pray for justice and his family.

regarding the male race, i haven't gotten feelings for anyone this year no matter what i've done with them.  it kind of disappoints me, actually, because being with someone who you really feel for is so much more fulfilling than being physical with someone who's just a fling thing.  it's fun, don't get me wrong, but i miss kissing and touching with meaning.  the people i've done things with this year have apparently had feelings for me, but i just saw/see them as friends.  discrepencies in feelings are inconvenient.

hope all is well in your lives!

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